Round One Piece Lidded Leather Hat Box Box - EUC

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This is an unbranded leather one piece lidded hat box large enough to use for
most hats. The box has a leather strip hinge and fine beige stitching. The
lining has a velvet feel to it. It has an interior leather band that fits
snuggly into the top when closed for a tight seal.


Diagonal width: 9.5 inches

Height: 3.5 inches


This box is in excellent used condition. It has no rips, tears or holes. The
hinge works as intended. It is structurally sound. Unlike most vintage leather
items this age it has very few scuffs or scratches and marks for years of use.
Please see photos for best depiction of condition.

This is a unbranded leather hat box. Based on our knowledge about hat boxes
and the sale and design of leather goods It is our opinion that this leather
item was created sometime between the mid 1960s and late 1980s.

About Hat Boxes.

This is an unbranded hat box so it is difficult to research its age. According
to Wikipedia, The hat box became a popular item in the 19th century – matching
the popularity of hats for both day and evening wear – and accessories were
produced to assist with both storage and cleaning. While milliners often
packaged designs they sold in cardboard hat boxes, more robust designs were
produced for travelling. Some designs were made to store more than one hat –
including designs that could store both a daytime top hat and a collapsible
version for evenings, known as a gibus.] They might also include storage space
for items such as a hat brush.[

Designs became quite large during the Edwardian era. A letter to The Times in
1844 warned travellers that Blackwall Railway's porters had charged a 1d to
carry a hat box onto the train and a further 6d for transporting it to the
London terminus, with the traveller himself paying only 4d for the journey. He
recommended that travellers with luggage should go by steamboat.[
A hat box (also commonly hatbox and sometimes hat bucket, hat tin or bandbox)
is a container for storing and transporting headgear, protecting it from damage
and dust. A more generic term for a box used to carry garments, including
headgear, is a bandbox.

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