Lunchbox for on the go, Father's Day, can for fathers

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Vater mit Tochter
Vater mit Sohn
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A modern designed, practical salad box for people who travel a lot - to take
with you to the office, to the lecture hall, to travel or to a picnic with
friends - our salad box To Go is always the ideal companion. Vegetables,
salads, snacks - everything stays fresh and delicious!

Do you already have a gift for Father's Day?
This lunch box will probably always accompany the recipient in the future and
personalized with name and desired motif, it will become a very personal gift.

Capacity: 1100 ml
Size: 167 mm x 167 mm x 86 mm
Weight: 183 g
Especially suitable for children and adults.

Container: Polypropylene (PP) / thermoplastic
Sticker: high-quality vinyl sticker with protective layer

♥ tasteless
♥ hygienic
♥ durable
♥ Easy-to-use click closures
♥ tightly sealable, thanks to adapted silicone ring
♥ Food stays fresh
♥ dishwasher safe with ECO wash cycle up to 40°
♥ 3 compartments, divided by easy-to-remove, two-part insert
♥ small, round, closable container e.B. for salad dressing
♥ Fork and knife - easy to remove

Miscellaneous information
Never again mushy salad, because the salad cans from Finlix offer the perfect
food solutions for the hectic everyday life.
These handy lunch boxes keep the individual food components separate and fresh
with three sensibly divided areas for e.B lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers until
consumption. Practical additional utensils such as composable cutlery and a
small closable dressing can are an additional highlight. The salad box is
suitable for microwaves as well as freezers.
And the most important thing - in the office or during fitness, the can with
personalized names is certainly not lost.

Additional information:
Our salad cans are provided with a particularly robust, industrially
manufactured vinyl sticker, which is lightfast and scratch-resistant. In
addition, our motifs are additionally covered with a laminate layer, which
makes them insensitive to abrasion and very durable.

Desired text: The illustrations are examples. We reserve the right to set the
desired text individually in such a way that it appears legible on the desired
Additional texts, such as .B schoolchild, astronaut or lucky child will only
be removed or exchanged upon express request, otherwise they will remain as
shown in the picture.

Closure colours: For our salad cans, we reserve the right to select the
appropriate closure colour, which does not have to match the example picture.
Our closures are available in light blue, purple, pink and green.

Care instructions: The lower and inner parts of the cans are dishwasher safe.
Finlix can lids are dishwasher safe in an eco or gentle cycle up to 40° C, but
we do not recommend cleaning them regularly in the dishwasher. The sharp
cleaner and the salts permanently attack the protective layer of the stickers.
So the colors suffer and the shine decreases.
Heavy dirt on the motif is best cleaned with glass cleaner or other household
The silicone ring located in the can lid can be easily removed for perfect

Colors: Please note that the colors shown here are screen colors and may
differ slightly for production reasons. Such deviations therefore do not
constitute a reason for complaint.

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