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This large pill case or pillbox is designed to hold all your weekly pills and
vitamins, two daily shots.

This is the biggest two daily shots pill case I have.

The base of this medicine organizer is made with cherry wood. All lids are
made with cherry wood.
All pill organizers in my shop are made with new, hard solid wood.
High quality wood is guaranteed.
Great softness.
Since wood is a living being, the vein of the wood may vary from one piece to

The base of the pill holder is combined with brass, giving that distinctive
look to the case.
Slidding lid. It has an easy opening and a safe lock thanks to the magnet.
Your pills will be safe and protected.

Any customization is welcome.
Go ahead and engrave your initials or name.
If you are planning any birthday or anniversary, it’s also suitable for a
gift, I wrap every pill case carefully and beautifully.

Behind each piece there is a delicate work of sanding and caring of all
I make sure you will receive a very high quality product.
I’m in charge of every single step, from the purchase of the wood, customer
advice, to the shipping process.

I do not use synthetic dyes or varnishes.
I just apply mineral oil. Food quality. Approved by the Royal Spanish

You will receive a handmade product made with lots of care and love.
I always choose the bests materials and tools in the market, beggining with
the wood, magnets, oil, wrapping materials...

Measurements of the box:
- Width: 8,6 cm
- Length: 20,9 cm
- Depth: 2 cm

Measurements of each little square for the pills:
- 3 x 2,3 cm
- Depth: 1,5cm

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