Custom Cigarette Case, Personalized Cigaretter Case Metal, Put on Your Photo, Cigaretter Holder with Your Picture, Birthday Valentines Gift

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Personalized photo cigarette case will be a rare and perfect gift. Gifts to be
bought on special occasions can be considered as a valuable choice provided
they work for the person and remind you in every way. This cigarette case,
which will be unique to itself, is useful and will always remind you. From now
on, all your cigarettes will be kept in this stylish cigarette case specific to
your name.

1 -) The Cigarette Case is made of high quality shiny metal material.
2 -) 10 cigarettes can be placed in the cigarette case.
3 -) Dimensions: 7 X 9 X 2 cm. measures.
4 -) The product is prepared by sublimation printing technique on the metal

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